Release of Bank Levy

When you’re experiencing an IRS Levy, it can create an overwhelming feeling of panic and stress. We understand that the money the IRS is threatening to take is usually required for rent, food, a car payment or other urgent need. That’s why we make the release of a levy our first priority.

We regularly stop levies within 24 hours of a taxpayer becoming a client. Your Team at Prodigy knows what it takes and will immediately go to work on your behalf.

If you have a levy, it is important to act fast as there are time limits and additional requirements that the IRS can impose depending on your situation, including:

  • You must be experiencing a financial hardship
  • You must be current on your filing requirements

Once the statutory window to contest the levy has ended and the IRS collects on a levy, it is almost impossible to recover. Time is of the Essence in these situations. If you have received a Notice of Intent To Levy from the IRS – Call Us or Click Here, We Can Help! (844)208-7408

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